Adi Wimmer (ed.)
Australian Nationalism Reconsidered
Maintaining a Monocultural Tradition in a Multicultural Society

Band 2, 1999, 244 Seiten (vergriffen)
EUR 24,80
ISBN 978-3-86057-751-6


Ever since the ‘Eureka Stockade’ of 1854 Australia has indulged in periodic outbursts of nationalism. Thus, of Australia’s short history as a European settler society, three quarters are characterized by a variety of nationalist sentiments and practices. But in the 1970s, when Australia officially embraced ‘multiculturalism’, the view emerged that Australian culture had successfully transcended the paradigms of the past. However, the electoral victories of the racist and xenophobic One Nation party in 1996 and 1998 have severely dented such notions. Time therefore to re-assess the values and dangers of nationalist policies and discourses, to examine the boundaries of multiculturality, to evaluate anti-nationalist strategies and to look ahead into the future of nationalist practices in an post-modern age.

"Altogether the volume offers a rich mosaic of texts portraying the continuing renegotiation of a post-colonial identity, with many impressive case studies [...] and a well-argued post-national, post-modern frame-work inviting lively debate."
Franz Oswald, in: ZAA 1/2001

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